The borders of legality
The legalization of marijuana near Moscow evokes debate among locals
October 10, 2017

Despite Pullman and Moscow being two prominent border towns on the Palouse, a recent rift has formed between them — marijuana. In 2012, Washington State legalized the use of recreational marijuana, instantly prompting the expansion of dispensaries around Pullman, including ones near the Washington-Idaho state line. This has sparked some debate among Palouse residents, particularly […]

The science beneath the soil
Kelly Creek excavations teach archeologists about the Palouse’s former inhabitants
March 14, 2017

Near the North Fork of the Clearwater River sits Kelly Creek, a place well known for its vast archeological discoveries and hidden treasures. There, a University of Idaho archeology team, which includes graduate and undergraduate students, spent three years excavating artifacts and looking for answers to unfold mysteries of the past and determine behaviors of […]