The women of a movement
The feminist movement balances fighting stereotypes with promoting a message of equality

March 7, 2017

In less than 20 words, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines feminism. According to Merriam-Webster, feminism is, “the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” However, to many Americans, feminism takes on different meanings. In the midst of a politically-charged climate, feminism is a loaded word. Fighting stereotypes Lysa Salsbury, director of the University […]

The power of the mind
Some suffer silently from mental illness, but help is available

March 7, 2017

Every person copes with mental illness in a different way.    For Camille Hanson, writing sonnets and practicing mindful meditation helps improve her mood. For Talitha Davis, it’s different forms of art — sculptures and painting. Katy Johnson, mental health coordinator for Vandal Health Education, said there are many resources and activities at the University […]