An ace in education
After 17 seasons, Idaho volleyball coach Debbie Buchanan continues mentoring her team

January 22, 2017

Written by Luis Torres For Idaho volleyball coach Debbie Buchanan, coaching has been a journey that began when she was young. With 17 seasons under her belt, Buchanan is the longest active tenure coach for University of Idaho Athletics. Buchanan’s path to becoming a head volleyball coach didn’t begin until her playing days were over. […]

Storytelling through simulation
The industry and culture of video games is taking connectivity to new heights

December 16, 2016

Right now, someone is scaling Mount Everest in the midst of a snowstorm. Someone is orbiting the moon and peering down at Earth. Someone is hiding out in an abandoned bomb shelter waiting for the enemy to return. Someone is summoning magical creatures through spell. All of this is being done in the same world […]

The journey unfolding
Students of faith on campus experience inclusivity to varying degrees

December 16, 2016

Rodney Frey was brought up in a Methodist household. He worked alongside the Franciscan priests of the Crow Indian Reservation and later, the Jesuit priests of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. Yet, at his core, the University of Idaho professor of ethnography is a Crow Sun dancer. During his battle with cancer, he said it was […]

More than a mountain
Moscow Mountain provides the local community with natural beauty and an opportunity for activity

December 16, 2016

After hiking through a blanket of branches with only brief glimpses of what lies beyond the trees, footsteps become faster and breathing, louder. Light breaks through the maze of trunks up ahead. No one says a word. The only noise is the wind that rustles the surrounding leaves. At the top of the trail, there […]

Where communities overlap
The connection between the University of Idaho’s LGBTQA and Greek students is continually growing

December 16, 2016

Every fairytale must have three things — a princess, a villain and, of course, prince charming. That image is the standard among love stories, but for many members of the LGBTQA community, that image does not apply to their stories. When University of Idaho sophomore Reagan Miniken first began to question her sexuality, the traditional […]

Talking the talk
Persistence and positive energy play important roles in learning a new language

December 16, 2016

On the chalkboard at the front of room 301 in the Administration Building, the date, time and weather are written in Japanese. Ikuyo Suzuki, a University of Idaho instructor of Japanese, finishes roll call. She and her students then stand, bow at the waist and sit back down. The motions that begin and end each […]

One mile at a time
Long distance runners endurance physical and emotional stressors unique to the sport

December 16, 2016

She toed the white starting line, careful not to cross over even an inch. Kinsey Gomez took a breath to steady the nerves that had plagued her throughout the warm up. She glanced at the man holding the starting gun and then back to the white line at her feet. The gun fired. As the […]

The self among the stars
The practice of astrology and its associated sun signs attracts people for various reasons

December 16, 2016

The sun rises in Moscow and University of Idaho student Brandi Billing checks her daily horoscope. She doesn’t feel inclined to leave the comfort of her warm bed, and yet her horoscope reads the opposite, “You’re going to have a great adventure today.” So Billing, being the adventurous Scorpio she knows herself to be, crawls […]

Gold, silver and green
UI’s Plant and Soil Science Club welcomes all and fosters growth among members

October 31, 2016

The purpose of the Plant and Soil Science Club (PSSC) is stated in the club’s constitution as “It shall be the purpose of this organization to: educate, teach, and explore horticulture and horticulturally related fields.” Jennifer Chan, a third-year student and PSSC vice president, said the club began with a group of University of Idaho […]