Joleen Evans | Blot Magazine
Plants are kept in the Plant and Soil Science Club bay in the greenhouses on the UI campus.

Gold, silver and green
UI’s Plant and Soil Science Club welcomes all and fosters growth among members

October 31, 2016

The purpose of the Plant and Soil Science Club (PSSC) is stated in the club’s constitution as “It shall be the purpose of this organization to: educate, teach, and explore horticulture and horticulturally related fields.” Jennifer Chan, a third-year student and PSSC vice president, said the club began with a group of University of Idaho […]

Tess Fox| Blot Magazine
Junior quarterback Matt Linehan shouts instructions Sept. 10 against Washington in Seattle.

Four times the legacy
The Linehan brothers carry on a family legacy through Vandal football

October 13, 2016

Matt and Mike Linehan started their football careers together, but they didn’t always get along. The brothers lived in Florida at the time, where teams were formed by size, rather than age. Matt, a fifth grader, was on the same team as Mike, a third grader. On the first day of pads, Matt said the […]

Tess Fox | Blot Magazine
Florence and Sam Barker visited the UI campus for their 50th reunion in September.

The true measure of love
Two UI alumni celebrate both their 50th year as graduates and their 50th wedding anniversary

October 13, 2016

Decades ago, Florence Barker gave her husband, Sam, a greeting card brandishing a Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote. It read, “This is the true measure of love: when we believe that we alone can love, that no one could ever have loved so before us, and that no one will ever love in the same […]

Yishan Chen | Blot Magaizne
German Shepherd Uma waits for her trainer’s orders outside Tri-State Outfitters in Moscow.

Emotional support for sale
Fake emotional support animals detract from those certified for service

October 13, 2016

Jon Allen, a Moscow native who attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas, does not have a disability, nor does he struggle with mental illness. He has no use for a service animal of any kind, and neither does his wife. When the couple decided they wanted to have a dog in their apartment, Allen […]

Tess Fox | Blot Magazine

Armed and Idahoan
Idaho’s complex relationship with guns affects Moscow and the University of Idaho community

October 13, 2016

His feet planted in the dirt, Zack Albanese set his eyes on his target. The .22 rifle was a steady weight in his arms. His left hand cradled the forestock with his elbow tucked against his ribs. The butt of the gun nestled against his right shoulder, and his chin rested on the stock. A […]

Le Hall | Blot Magazine

Sentiments of self-care
Students glamorize not taking care of themselves for more reason than one

October 13, 2016

More than a few drinks at the bar, only four hours of sleep, a greasy breakfast and a 20 oz. coffee to fix the hangover — it’s a scenario many University of Idaho students can relate to. Kacy Pula, an assistant professor in the psychology and communications department, said romanticizing poor health habits like getting […]

Leslie Kiebert | Blot Magazine
A student casts their line on a rainy day on the St. Maries River.

From clovers to trout
UI students learn to fly fish on grass, but their skills translate well to water

October 13, 2016

Water dripped from Jim Casey’s hood and raindrops spattered the river’s surface as he waded to midstream. Rod in hand, he demonstrated casts for dry fly presentation, different types of line mends and which way to set the hook depending upon which fish took interest in the fly. The rain hadn’t stopped from Moscow to […]

Joleen Evans | Blot Magazine
Model Sophie Fisher poses for a figure drawing class in the Art and Architecture North Building.

Moscow’s model citizens
The nude modeling community of Moscow explores the art of the human figure

October 13, 2016

A year-and-a-half ago, Moscow resident Sophie Fisher made the decision to cross one item off of her bucket list by becoming a nude model for figure drawing classes. “I had it on my bucket list,” Fisher said. “Also, I’m pretty much naked in all of my free time. It’s really not an issue to me. […]

David Betts | Blot Magazine

Olympics in heels
Ballroom Dance Team glides their way to competition-ready performances

May 12, 2016

As Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” played through the speakers, two dancers moved closer together, swaying in a gentle rumba in the middle of the Memorial Gym’s basketball courts. A particularly sultry move was met with wolf whistles and cat calls from the risers. When they pulled off a lift, cheers erupted. Both the dancers […]