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In the middle of the 20th century, the University of Idaho Student Media Department consisted of The Argonaut, Blot magazine and the Gem of the Mountains yearbook. While the production of Blot was discontinued in the 1950s, a Student Media budget surplus in 2005 allowed for it to be brought back. Now in its 11th year of production, Blot continues to grow with the communities its staff aims to represent.

The University of Idaho’s student-run magazine aims to capture glimpses of life on the Palouse by sharing the stories of the Moscow and university communities. The magazine is published twice a semester and provides paid journalism opportunities to UI students. Individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome to apply. Applications can be brought to the Blot Office located on the third floor of the Bruce M Pitman Center or emailed to

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Available positions and the corresponding pay scales:


Blot stories are often longer and more in-depth than the average newspaper, ranging from 800 to 2000 words. Reporters are encouraged to practice a more narrative-based type of journalism.

800-1200 words: $25

1200-1500 words: $35

1500-2000 words: $40



Photographers have the opportunity to build their portfolios through shooting more studio-style photos.

Standard photo: $10

+$5 per additional photo on spread

Studio photo: $20-25

+$5 per additional photo on spread



Blot often features more developed, larger illustrations. Illustration opportunities vary per issue and can range from full page illustrations to set of smaller illustrations.

Online cartoons: $15

One page illustration: $30

+$5 per page



Designers have the ability to showcase their skills and expand upon their portfolios through magazine spreads ranging from two to four pages.

2 page spread: $30

3 page spread: $35

4 page spread: $40

+$5 per graphics or additional design elements



Blot videographers have the opportunity to shoot a variety of video types — from shorter, promotional videos to longer, more in-depth pieces to accompany the magazine’s center piece.

Promotional video: $10-15

Center piece video: $30

Supporting video: $20-25

+$5 for additional video editing elements

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